Welcome to Breaking Boundaries


A vital part of our mission is The Event, held in conjunction with World AIDS day, including a display of panels from the AIDS Memorial Quilt, a black-tie dinner, and a memorial service honoring those with connections to Eastern Idaho who have died of AIDS. Funds raised through head table, sponsored tables, ticket sales, and live and silent auctions are applied solely to HIV/AIDS support, awareness, education and prevention activities.

Other efforts provide funds for our diversity activities and support the underserved in our communities. Breaking Boundaries has been the featured charity of the North American Brewers Association BeerFest since 2005.

Breaking Boundaries is a non-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)3 organization. We accept donations of time, money, and materials from individuals and businesses. All donations are tax deductible.


We are thrilled to live in a place where a sense of community is demonstrated by generosity and a desire to help our friends and neighbors. As Breaking Boundaries grows, we are seeing more and more community involvement and support, and it is truly heart-warming. Please watch for, and join in, additional community activities sponsored by Breaking Boundaries. It is our hope that a growing awareness and celebration of our community’s diversity will be instrumental in breaking boundaries and bringing us closer together as friends and neighbors. Thank you again for your support.

Our Mission

  • The mission of Breaking Boundaries is to help those with HIV/AIDS in Southeast Idaho live a life of independence and dignity, through direct financial support, and also to increase awareness and prevention by providing of HIV/AIDS education to the community.

In addition, because diversity of all kinds results in stronger, richer and more welcoming communities, we promote and celebrate diversity in the following ways:

  • Education and Awareness of diversity in our programs, events and communications.
  • Support and Collaboration with other regional organizations, including sponsorships, donations and direct involvement with compelling diversity causes.
  • Advocacy for diversity, and for ending discrimination based on difference, in our public policy positions.

Our Board

President – Kerry Martin
Past President – Steve Priebe
Vice President – Tyler Kraupp
Secretary – Dino Lowery
Treasurer – Amy Gamett
Ann Boehmer
Kristi Brower
Holly Frazier
Holly Gilbert
Joel Hubbell
Mary Kaufman
Maria Miles
Alex Park
Eric Schuster
Yon Scott
Lisa Sehlke
Scott Weigel