Our Mission

Breaking Boundaries celebrates diversity and supports the underserved in Eastern Idaho through direct involvement and sharing of funds with local organizations. Diversity in cultures and ideas results in stronger, richer and more welcoming communities. Breaking Boundaries raises awareness of the diversity in our communities, and supports those who are underserved. In addition, we promote coordination and cooperation among organizations caring for those living with HIV/AIDS in Eastern Idaho.

Request for Funding

General Guidelines:

  • The Requester must be a group or individual with a funding request for a program/project/event that fits the purpose, scope and mission of Breaking Boundaries. Note that preference will be given to activities of groups rather than individuals to maximize the number of lives touched and the impact of Breaking Boundaries’ giving.
  • The impact of the program/project/event for which funding is requested must be felt within the region of Eastern Idaho.
  • Requests are considered on a monthly basis by the Board of Directors of Breaking Boundaries or its designees. The completed Request for Funding Form must be submitted prior to consideration of the request by the Board. On or before the 15th of the month, return completed form by mail to P.O. Box 50844, Idaho Falls, ID 83405, or deliver personally to a Breaking Boundaries Board member. Requests not received by the 15th may be deferred until the following month.
  • The Requester must promote and provide recognition to Breaking Boundaries and its mission.
  • This form is used to request funding of a program/project/event from the Breaking Boundaries “Diversity” Fund. Requests to fund medical care or expenses of those living with HIV/AIDS in Eastern Idaho are considered and funded separately, through the Breaking Boundaries “Care” Fund, and should originate through Case Managers in Public Health District 6 and 7. Please call 208.533.3213 to present HIV/AIDS medical care or expense funding requests.)
  • Use additional pages if needed.
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